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"Secret" Facebook Group [18 Dec 2016|10:52pm]
[ mood | sad ]

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

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so many babies [02 Mar 2013|04:20pm]
[ mood | okay ]

people are making so many babies around me. :-O SO MANY!

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Friends' Entries [09 Nov 2011|11:26am]
So, I'm trying to see my friends' most recent posts...and there's nothing and no option to look at previous. Did lj change how they report this stuff? I used to be able to see the most recent posts (even if they weren't PARTICULARLY recent) and then scroll back 20 at a time, again regardless of how old they were.
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2011 [19 Aug 2011|04:21pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Update to my last post...2009.  Taekwondo proved incredibly beneficial.  Have since gotten hooked on Casino de Rueda salsa dancing, LA Style salsa, tango, and the gym.  Quit GEICO after 5 years or whatever it had been, and am heading to Mexico Sept 5th and onward from there.  Feel horribly unprepared and ragged at the moment, but excited and hopeful that I won't catch the worst of America's fall in the wake of the reserve currency of the world going to pot.  Here goes nothing!

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L(J)amenting [04 May 2009|10:55pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

Weekended at the beach in St Pete with Cheryl before stopping in to visit Michelle and Eric who are heading to Protland, Oregon later this month. I goofed because I DOH! was supposed to work on Saturday. I guess, being the boss, that resulted in less fallout than it otherwise would have. Still, I felt like hell for messing something like that up. The beach, the caparinhas, and spending time with some of my favorite people took the edge off of it, though.

I got the word Friday that a hosue I have for sale now had a buyer ready. This is an installment sale, so "selling" it really means "starting to sell it"; in a case like this, the buyer would be someone who could put some money down and get financed traditionally after 12 - 18 months. They did paperwork Saturday and my partner was supposed to get the downpayment from them this morning, but I haven't gotten the good word, so I think that didn't happen. That said, my partner started a new bank job today, so that may have made it tough. I hope this doesn't fall through. I had a buyer ready with CASH IN HAND a few months ago and my assistant at that time botched the sale, costing me thousands. ugh

I started taekwondo about a month ago and I am in love with it. It's probably my greatest joy in "daily" life right now.

And I'll stop there because no one reeeeeeads this anymore, so it would be silly of me to write a lot. :P I miss the old LiveJournal experience, man. Damn. All these flashy sites have their purposes, but I don't get a sense of family (and maybe that's lame to say, but whatever) that I got with LJ.

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Ah, what the hell? It's almost August. [24 Jul 2008|11:59pm]
[ mood | restless ]

Oh, I long for your old and comfortable ways...

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Losties..... [14 Jan 2008|08:59pm]
[ mood | amused ]

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Tomorrow is the Tea Party rEVOLution!! [15 Dec 2007|11:47am]
[ mood | AMPED!!! ]

"Who is Ron Paul?"

Google him! YouTube him!
If you're not part of the Tea Party tomorrow, you'll hear about it all next week!

This is the website (awesome videos)

Go here to donate (purchases from the store count!)

More awesome videos here
PBS on Paul
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Iran and Gainesville [10 Dec 2007|12:45am]
[ mood | grateful ]

Iran stops selling oil in U.S. dollars -report

Please, let us not invade them. Well, makes my silver perform better against the dollar, but this was the precursor to the invasion of Iraq, too. Man, folks, if you have assets in dollars (property, savings, etc), you should really, REALLY look at moving it into somethng else. You'e looks at a purchasing power decrease of 50% just in the last 5 years and the decline appears to be speeding up.

On a different note, I was in Tampa / St Pete weekend and got to see Cheryl and Mike briefly, but it was all about Aurora and Celena. Great times; we went to a crazy goth/industrial club called Castle that was AWESOME. I would've freaked out (even more) all over that place when I was like 16 and in that phase. haha

Now, it's back to work. Lots of stuff is going on this week. Made plans to see Kathy Friday, but I think that's the work party; doh! New hires to deal with at work, blah blah- all I can manage and more. I assume I'm seeing Rakel this week.

I'll be delivering (amazing) chocolate to the lovely ladies of Planet Beach and GEICO this week, so that should be amusing. Chocolate is the currency of choice for women from 8 to 80, true story.
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hmmm [27 Nov 2007|12:08am]
[ mood | surprised ]

Right, so....LiveJournal. How does this thing work again? Holy shit has a lot of stuff changed, just in terms of interface. A quick glimpse at my friends list turned up the same interesting people I feel in love with so long ago and the same couple of demons that probably contributed to my pressence around here being...sparse.

It's weird. As I look back, I posted sorta' semi-regularly. It seems I averaged maybe a little over a post-a-month this year. I remember none of it. All of those were sort of random, copied from elsewhere, or just flat-out forgotten...except they're not all that different from my old posts.

I think what's really different, is I haven't LOOKED at my LiveJournal or anyone else's for over a year. Much more, I think. Maybe going back to AR Service Group? I think it was well before Dad died. I think the big distinction is that I haven't looked at anyone else's LJ. I think I stole a peek at Donna's and Gina's somewhere along the line, but even that was a single event, whereas this was a regular part of my day for several years. I miss people and I miss that involvement; I just wish there were a different way to engage in it...and there likely is, I just am not sure how. Something to look into...

Anyway, hope anyone who reads this had a phenomenal Turkey Day. I was down in St Pete with Cheryl, Mike and company and had a lovely time. There was a 10 minute or so span where I was relaxing on CHeryl's patio where I felt the same total tranquility I felt -whenever that was- (earlier this year?? seems like it could have been longer ago) at the beach that one time, again with Cheryl. Funny, that. That sense of freedom and relaxation is DREAMY. I think it harkens to being a child- no debts, job, "entangling alliances" haha.

That's it for me. <3

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Ron Paul Wins Republican Party Straw Poll in Fresno [25 Nov 2007|06:20pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

"Of 41 recent straw polls across the U.S., Ron Paul has won 21, with numerous second and third place finishes."

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and will consider celebrating the American Tea Party with me in a couple weeks!

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[15 Sep 2007|10:56pm]
• In "big games" (considered those to be against Florida State, Georgia, Tennessee, the SEC title game and bowl games, Meyer is 10-0 at Florida -- 7-0 against the the Gators' three biggest rivals, 1-0 in the SEC championship game and 2-0 in bowls, including last year's BCS title game.

• Who said he couldn't pass? Tebow had three passes that went for 40-plus yards Saturday, giving him seven for the season. The Gators had four as a team last year.
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[27 Aug 2007|08:49pm]

Sorry, just HAD to POST THIS.
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Ron Paul 2008 [10 Jun 2007|10:11pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Many of you know I avoid the mainstream news.

Because of that, I was completely unaware that Ron Paul has made a significant splash in the electoral process as of late.

This is absolutely fucking STARTLING to me, because this guy is the REAL DEAL. He talks about the same things I talk about and by and large knows his shit and actually speaks truths about, for instance, our monetary system, both parties spending like drunken sailors, the pathetic lurch of the Republican party away from its roots in anti-war and fiscal conservatism...


The prospect that he could actually be elected excites me so much it gives me goosebumps. Seriously. I cannot believe the mooing masses are noticing this guy despite the media's consistent efforts to make him out to be a looney. Pundits on the right and left both make him out to not know what he's talking about when he's the only person who either a)does or b)is willing to speak the secrets that the other politicians so fervently keep.

I feel vaguely like I'm taking my life in my hands by even talking about this, but damn it's exciting!!!

I expect he would be killed before entering office or shortly thereafter. The interests that run the world and particularly the banking cartels are so powerful and so corrupt I can't imagine them actually allowing this guy to do anything. But damn, if they underestimated him and this God, the birth of hope!

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Sellers and Buyers and Silver- Oh My! [03 Jun 2007|09:20pm]
[ mood | drained ]

I didn't have the party weekend I intended, mainly because Mike didn't make it into town. Instead, I kicked back and caught up on a bunch of movies via which Jeremy told me about. The quality on most flicks isn't stupendous, but some are good enough. Had two great conversations with Celena and missed Melanie a bit (as watching movies without my sidekick will sometimes cause!).

I started buying silver. Mind you, I almost did this about three years ago, so I'm late. Oh well. I've made three purchases in a few days and have another one planned. If you don't understand why anyone would want to own commodities (silver, gold, pork bellies, oil, timber, etc.), you should start thinking about it. The dollar has dropped in value approaching ten percent a year since 2000. Gas and housing aren't UP, the dollar's DOWN...and worth less on its way to becoming worthless. For those of you enjoying your stocks, realize you're probably measuring your phantom gains in dollars.

I also spoke with some house sellers and buyers this weekend and started my VIP list. This is a simple database of house buying prospects who either have money or credit. This allows me to sell before I buy or target areas where I have prequalified buyers ready and waiting to purchase. These properties will likely be bought before they ever hit the 800# or

Looked at another house that will be perfect for the type of investing I was interested in many years ago. I need a co-investor for this one because of the technique involved- someone with great credit and perhaps a handful of dollars. In return I can get them a government-backed fixed return of probably 25% or so annually.

Back to GEICO in the morning...

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[05 May 2007|12:14pm]
I almost got one out the sliding glass door- twice. Big open portal with a gentle breeze on a lovely day; where does this thing go? Behind my bed. Dammit! Why are these things so *&%$#*( suicidal???
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little update [05 May 2007|11:50am]
[ mood | perturbed ]

There are now more lizards living in my house than people. They outnumber me two to one. W T F ?

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[24 Apr 2007|08:44pm]
Eek! I just learned who is the artist on two of my old favorite unknown performer songs!!

Howard Jones- Everlasting Love and Things Can Only Get Better

On another note, I am ridiculously busy. I feel like it's the death knell for LiveJournal as I'm so behind on the handful of people I care about and love to read about on here. And yet, I can't catch up, we'll roll another day.
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[12 Apr 2007|10:59pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

I don't recall ever being this frustrated in my life. Certainly, I've been frustrated before, but to feel almost as if I'm drowning? Now, this is in the midst of some good things happening, and I'm willing to just say this is "growing pains", but daaaamn. The cavalry is supposed to ride into town this weekend and I surely hope that is the case.

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[08 Apr 2007|10:30pm]
[ mood | busy ]

I'm so busy. Geez.

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